Image: Sunnyfield Farms, Inc. photo taken from atop Grizzley, looking down to see pivot with Mt. Jefferson in background

John and Debbie Volle sell high quality Eastern Oregon orchardgrass hay, certified as weed-seed free by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, using NAISMA standards.

Hay is available for packing and trail riding in the National Forest, Wilderness area, and BLM areas as well as conventional uses.

In the spring of 2008, we re-located between Madras and Prineville, Oregon. Our 160 acre pivot irrigated field and farm sits near the western base of Grizzley Mountain. Surrounded by the Crooked River Grasslands, a beautiful view of Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood can be seen on a clear day.

John Volle, an award winning hay grower, has been growing hay in the Pacific Northwest for 45 years, beginning at the family farm in Conway, Washington, continuing to a Western Idaho community near Marsing, to Oregon near Bonanza, and now to our new location on Highway 26, halfway between Madras and Prineville.


We know what it takes to produce good, clean, healthy horse hay.

Throughout the season, the perimeters of the fields are kept clean from weeds and debris. Next, rodents are controlled using culturally approved practices. Hay is raked in ways to minimize dirt and dust, and harvested with a minimum amount of time exposed to weather. The soil bacteria are fed utilizing a biological concept, which minimizes the use of commercial fertilizers and produces nutrient dense hay.

No herbicides or insecticides are used on the hay.

Image: Cutting hay

    Image: 2010 Haying

In our business, honesty and integrity are as important to us as it is to our equine customers.

Our goal is to provide you consistently with the finest quality
Eastern Oregon hay.


“Forage is the basis of virtually every horse's diet, but all hay is not created equal.”